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Default Nikon 8700 vs. Olympus 8080 vs. Sony F828 (which is best?)

I currently use an older Sony Mavica FD97 and I am looking to upgrade to a newer digital camera. I like the zoom range on the FD97 so my new camera must also have an excellent optical zoom range. I figured that I should also get as many megapixels as I can afford. I was going to purchase the Sony F828 until I heard about all of the image problems. I am now looking at the new Nikon 8700 and Olympus 8080 models. They both seem to have similar specs. and cost about the same.

I am looking for feedback on both models from forum members.

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I would personally pick the Minolta A2 over any you have listed. It has image stabilization and a dynamite new EVF. It was just released so the prices are still high.

I would wait until Steve, Phil at dpreview and Dave at Imaging Resource have reviewed whatever you are considering. The company promotional material doesn’t give all of the low points.
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I would also wait until reviews of the Nikon 8700 and the Olympus 8080 are in. The F828 reviews were disappointing. The A2 with the stablized features is a very good camera.
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I'm looking at the A2 and Cool Pix 8700 also. Any way to find out when these guys will be posting reviews?
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My own personal take on the A2 beside its unique Image Stabilization:
1. Theses cameras all use a similar type of CCD (Sony has a different Color Filter Array) --> the RAW output from the camera's CCDs should be all on par to one another and independent from each of the camera processing (or the outcome of a review). ie you select your own output be it Photoshop or any other independent RAW processors and you'll control your image quality!
2. So far the A2 is the only one with a buffer in RAW which makes this mode useful: the 8080 and the F828 all froze after 1 frame... Don't know yet about the Pro 1 or the 8700.
3. Very BIG difference: the A2 has both a precise manual zoom and manual focusing rings, even a Direct Manual Focusing overide. This feature is found only on sophisticated USM lenses where one do not have to switch to manual focus first before twisting the control ring...!
4. Like previously mentioned the A2 is unique in its "dynamite new EVF"
5. If anyone has owned the D7/D7i/D7Hi/A1 previously they soon realize that the A2 also pack more features than even some dSLR as Minolta has perfected this camera after each generation, for example: Real-time histogram, Grid and Scales, WYSIWYG, and the amazing Flex-Focus now keyed to the exposure as well... the Digital Magnifier coupled with the anti-shake for close up examination.
6. Also a previously proven "G-series" lens!

Originally Posted by gibsonpd3620
I would also wait until reviews of the Nikon 8700 and the Olympus 8080 are in. The F828 reviews were disappointing...
"And regrettably, as sometimes is the case, there are those that accuse me of bias. In this case my bias is supposedly in favour of Sony. Well, it's true. I am biased in favour of the F828, because in a number of ways it is functionally superior to the C-8080. But having said that, I should mention that I am also in the process of testing three other 8 MP cameras, and at least one of them sends the Sony F828 to the locker room." http://www.luminous-landscape.com/re...us-c8080.shtml
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Then there's the Canon Pro1 - check out Steve's review of it.
I got to play with one at WPPI in Vegas a week after PMA. Seems fantastic to me.
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