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jrdeahl Apr 13, 2005 7:48 PM

Hi All:

It has been a long time since I have been on here.

I have run into a puzzle.

I bought a Minolta 2350en color laser printer and wanted to print some digital photos. I started to notice different file sizes on disk between my 2 cameras.

I have an Oly 3040Z and a Nikon 990. Both have the same2048 x 1536. Both have the same setting for basic, normal and fine. Both are 3.3 megapixel.

On the fine, or shq setting for the oly, I get animage size on disk of 1mb for the Nikon and 2mb for the Oly. Both jpeg file formats and the highest settings without getting into the raw format.

No matter whatsettings I use on the Nikon I can't get even close to a 2mb file size.

I can do the raw file on the Nikon which is about 8 meg.

I have talked to Nikon a couple of times and they don't have an answer.

There are 2 vaiables I can't really check out. One is the difference in the card types. Nikon is CF and the OLy is a smartmedia card. The other is the amount of jpeg compression that is actual electronics inside the camera.

If anyone has someinput I would appreciate it.


P.s. Both of these cameras can be controlled remotely witha serialcable andsoftware and one of my notebooks. I use them with telescopes. I like the Nikon better than the Oly. Particurly the swivel lens. I hate the oly lens that goes out when you turn it on.

Another question: what newer nikon digital camera, besides the 4500,would allow remoteoperation and have a higher resolution without getting into a dslr?


slipe Apr 13, 2005 8:51 PM

If you look at Steve's sample pictures he gets about the same file sizes. 2Mb is a high quality compression. About true SHQ – what you would get if you saved at quality 12 from Photoshop. The 1Mb file from the Nikon is a medium quality. I suppose they think you will use raw or TIF if you need best quality.

8Mb seems a bit large for a 3Mp raw file.

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