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Default Nikon Coolpix P610 issue

I purchsed th ebove camera around a year ago, and overall I just love it, BUT, it has one really nasty habit I am hoping others in the forum can help me with.

Every time I recharge the battery (using the approved Nikon white plug, white cable etc charging unit), it seems to charge up just fine, and using it after a charge, it seems to carry on working just as I would expect it to work.

However, my real problem, and it is driving me nuts, is that as soon as I lay the camera aside (do not use it) for a day or more, I can absolutely GUARANTEE that the battery will be TOTALLY FLAT the next time I pick it up.

Now we all know that continuously recharging modern batteries is not that good for them, so I cannot just leave it on charge all the time it is not actually being used, but that is the only way I can guarantee that if I decide to go out and shoot some pictures or video, my camera is actually ready for use.

I just cannot believe this is correct, or indeed part of the camera design ? The camera is just great for my usage, and I love it to death, but this problem is something that is almost drivingme to sell it on and get something that will still be "ready for use" when I pick it up a few days after it's last brief use. I also have two of those cheap " chinese clones" of the famous GoPro brand cameras, and they keep their charge for literally months, often surprising me by the fact they are still ready for use, even after sitting on a shelf for several months.

Can anyone suggest what the problem may be. The camera has NOT been overused by any means, and I would estimate I have only recharged the battery around 100 times in total, so again do not believe that it is "knackered" from a hard life

I really would like to resolve this issue as rapidly as possible, as it is causing me several problems right now due to this lack of what appears to be battery stability. ??

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