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Default For nikon d3000 users asking/wondering about a battery grip

Hello everyone, Ok so i own a Nikon D3000 and have seen tons of people asking the question DO THEY MAKE BATTERY GRIPS FOR THE NIKON D3000?. so this post is just to let people know (even though im sure by now most people are well aware) that YES THEY DO MAKE BATTERY GRIPS FOR THE NIKON D3000. Nikon does not provided a grip but there are plenty of 3rd party suppliers.
1) Zeikos ZE-NBG60 (Fits Nikon D40,D40x,D60,and D3000)
2) Maximal Power
3) Ownuser
4) Opteka
Those are just a few 3rd party battery grip suppliers. Some you can find on Ebay and others on Amazon. Me personally after doing a pretty good bit of research for about a week or so
I BOUGHT THE ZEIKOS ZE-NBG60 it should arrive in about a week. Since I cant find ANY reviews on a D3000 with battery grip I will do a review on it when it arrives and let all you D3000 users know what i think.
Hope this helps all you D3000 users out there.
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3rd party grips have always been available for Nikon's consumer level cameras, some of which are of questionable quality. I'm not sure I understand why someone would want to add a grip to a D3k or even D5k. One of the advantages of these cameras is their small size, and a grip makes it less portable. You can always buy extra batteries is it's battery life you're worried about. If it has a shutter release, and you do a lot of portrait work, then it could be an advantage, but from what I understand, these don't always work so consistently.
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Well the main reason for me buying the D3000 was cost. I would have liked to have been able to get the D90, but it was out of my range for now. The reason for me buying a grip was for when im using a Nikon 70-300mm VR lens its pretty big and I fell the battery grip will help balance it out. Hopefully this 3rd party grip will suit my needs. I could never find anyone talking about Grips for the D3000 so hopefully when mine arrives I can put in my 2 cents about them. RJ is correct though most people that do buy a D3k or D5k is because their smaller and more compact then other D-SLR cameras, but to those of you who had to get the D3/5k out of cost or its your first D-SLR and you wanted a grip for it hopefully this will help
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