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I bought mine from KEH and it was rated EX and I for the life of me can't find anything wrong with it. Mine came with the battery grip and the total price was $289+shipping. I've bought several items from Keh and all have been in great shape and conservatively rated.

As far as film, I used to buy mine from B&H and occassionally Adorama. I've still got about 75 rolls in the freezer. I used to love Agfa Portrait 160 and Vista as well Kodak Portra 400. For sports it was Fuji Press 800. I couldn't find any of these films locally, so mail order was the only way. When Agfa discontinued film operations I bought a bunch since I hadn't totally committed to digital. I then sold some a few years ago, but held onto some "just in case".
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JimC wrote:
The F100 was introduced in 1999 and discontinued in 2006.

Thom Hogan has a good review of it here:


I'd probably lean towards B&H for film.

Also, I wouldn't worry about buying a camera that's not in LN condition. keh has very conservative ratings. EX should be just fine (or even lower if you don't mind minor cosmetic related flaws). I've bought a Bargain condition gear from them that probably should have been graded around Excellent (probably marked down just because they were missing things like caps and were no longer popular items because of digital).

Just bookmarketd Thom's review of the F100 as well as Ken Rockwell's.

Not sure if I'll buy a LN or EX. B&H has the Sagemax extended warranty. I'm assuming KEH has theirs too. Will look into that.

As for where to buy film...I'm not sure if I couoldn't find Velvia or Kodachrome locally. Haven't looked yet. Just wondered where you guys bought yours in the US. Will see if there is any prce difference.

About preserving rolls of film in the freezer...does it matter how cold it is? Is can you damage film putting them in a freezer that is too cold? Leaving it there too long? I think I heard the maximum time frame is 6 months. Could be wrong.

Btw...in case any one is interested you can d/l the F6 Instruction Manual here...


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