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First, I'm a total novice, just getting in to the digital SLR world. I just bought the D70 and got 2 Nikkor lenses in my package. They are G series lenses which I understand are the low end . Can someone please confirm that they are decent lenses for a beginner and I shouldn't feel like I made a bad decision and will regret it?

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The G series lenses are lenses designed to be used on cameras where the aperture is contolled by the camera's body; it does not have an aperture ring on it. I imagine that your lenses are the 18 - 70 G lens and the 70 - 300 G lens. Both lenses are overall good lenses, not high performers, but lenses you can be thrilled with to start you amazing career in digital slr photography.

A G lens can be a high performer, its not the G that makes or breaks the lens. Lenses are designed and therefore priced according to what they can do. Nikon makes 2 lenses that are 70 - 300 zooms. The one you probably have is a lower end unit meant to compete with other lens makers who would sell their product to you if Nikon didn't have one in this range. The other lens is an ED lens, meaning that it has expensive glass in it which helps produce a better image.

Will you be able to tell the difference between the two lenses in terms of their function? Probably not, although others will. It comes down to what do you need, will it do, and can you afford to pay premium bucks for something that you can't see any difference in?

Be happy with what you have, and as you gain experience you can expand your equipment as you have need.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. Appreciate it. Looking forward to learning and having fun!
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For the sharpest images, avoid shooting at the extremes of zoom or aperture. Your lenses will probably be sharpest at F8 and F11. They will also be sharpest at the middle of the zoom ranges. Remember that good technique is even better than outstanding lenses. Consider a tripod or beanbag for support.
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