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Default Nikon L310 Grainy pictures

Hello I need some help. I got a Nikon L310 for Christmas. I took some pictures on the 4320x3240 image mode. The pictures came out very grainy and pixelated. does anyone know how to fix this. they were just of family opening gifts inside. Thanks.
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Can you post a sample shot or two?
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here is one of the pictures the lighting was bad in the room anyway but this was a zoom without flash
Attached Images
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Basically,as you're indoors(not good light),not using the flash and using the zoom, the camera is having to select a high iso setting to get a fair exposure.
High iso settings on a small sensor compact/bridge camera will always yield what you define as "grainy" images.
The L310 is primarily an "auto" shooter,thus not leaving you much room for manipulation.
I'd suggest not using the zoom indoors (get physically closer) as this will keep the aperture wider (allowing more light in),use the flash (hopefully the camera will meter properly and balance the lighting) and if possible,manually select an iso setting below iso 400- the lower the better.
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Thanks for the advice I will try that and see if it's better.
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Under the circumstances the camera did pretty well. The exposure looks good, the color and white balance look neutral, and the motion seems frozen.
Most P&S will sense motion and bump the ISO a stop or more to help freeze the action with a faster shutter speed. It's the trade-off between noise and blurr.
Sometimes you can trick the camera to get better results in full auto by using less zoom and setting the EV to -1/3. It might be just enough to avoid the blurr and noise and be only slightly darker.
Little kids are so quick, much like cats, that even flash can struggle to freeze their motion when active.
I'd check the data for that shot and see what the shutter speed was. Then when you zoom in/out or alter aperture/ISO, you can try to maintain that shutter speed.
With the kids, you'll want to freeze the motion and be blurr free. Blurr-free and noise is probably better than noise-free and blurry.
The shutter speed display at half press is like a speedometer. 125 is twice as fast as 60. You are trying to figure out how fast the kids are. If you're going 30 and they're going 60, you can't keep up. And they'll go 125 in a heartbeat.
BTW, there are noise reduction programs available that can reduce the noise a lot after the fact, if you want to try to salvage a shot like this. I'd want to save it.
The free trial versions are usually for jpeg. Noise Ninja and Neat Image are a couple that come to mind. They might help. Good Luck.
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Have you tried selecting a specific AF point on the camera ?
What lens are you using...?
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'grain / spotting' is a result of the camera selecting a very hi iso to compensate for low light, zoom, and lack of flash

you can try:

get closer with less zoom
use the/a flash
brighten room lighting


the shot was salvageable

noise reduction
watercolor filter @ 12%
saturation/tint @ 10%

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not clear
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