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Nice idea, though I don't want to know what your were doing when you came up with that idea.:lol:Lucky for me both my P&S camera had VF's S70 optical F717 LCD, so I never needed anything like your optical view finder.

Interesting how things always seem to come full circle, even with cameras. Today the trendis becoming to hold the camera away from your face toframe the subject then shoot. Much like the original Brownie cameras, you held away from your face, framed the subject and took the shot. The only thing that changed on most cameras from about the 1930 through the 1950 was the viewing area became larger. As range finder cameras (what we call P&S now) became more the style the trend changed to putting the camera up to your face. Now we go back to the Brownie style of framing a picture away from your face, at least wedon't have to send the whole camera in each time we need to get the prints.:G
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ajaynejr wrote:
The invention of the LCD panel viewfinder has released us all from the tyranny of the inaccurate peephole viewfinder.

With the LCD you can see exactly what you are going to get without having to switch to an SLR camera.

Usually you can shade the LCD with your body as you compose and take the shot.

you are 100% right! with the window viewer you get parallex error; with the LCD you do not! using the LCD it is easier to take macro, over the head shots. The EVF is great too, as long as it's high res. time for window glass optical viewers to go the way of film.
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