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I noticed when comparing pictures taken with a 35mm camera with film then converted to JPG. Theydon't produced noise in the picture when displayed on TV, like normal digital cameras do.

Any ideas why?



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Its basically impossible to answer the question without knowing that the pictures were taken with the same settings and that the film was scanned well.

Digital cameras generally have less noise than film, but a lower quality digicam compared to high quality film will show film as superior.

As a general rule... I can't help you. I've rarely shown my pictures on a TV.

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My guess would be that the scanner operates at a lower effective ISO than the camera.
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Film doesn't have appreciable noise. It has grain, which can be very bad with high ISO film and a dedicated film scanner with a concentrated light source. Even ISO 100 film can show quite a bit of grain from a film scanner. Slides usually show less grain than film.

My guess is that you "converted to JPG" by scanning a print in a flatbed. If that is the case the answer to your question is that there isn't enough resolution on the photo to show the grain.

Take the same picture with a film camera and with a digital camera. Scan the print from the film camera and then blow up fine detail in the background. A license plate or distant sign gives a good comparison. You will find a lot more detail on the digital image along with the noise.

Take the negative from the film to a specialty house and have it professionally scanned. You will see the detail. You will also now be able to see the grain.

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