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Default Noises!! Am I wrong?

Ok, I checked Steve's sample pictures on this cameras: Nikon Coolpix 5700, Fuji S602 and Canon Powershot G5. Using ISO 400, why does the Fuji seems to have the lowest noise? I read on somewhere that G5 has the lowest noise, but its not what I can see on those sample images.

Fuji can goes to ISO 800 and 1600, but only at low res modes. I just wanna know why at ISO 400 that sample picture seems better than the others. Im gonna place the link here for u guys to see them. Thanks for any comments!

Fuji FinePixx S602 ISO 400 sample:

Nikon Coolpix 5700 ISO 400 sample:

Canon Powershot G5 ISO 400 sample:

Canon Powershot A70
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The reasons for more noise are many and varied. In the case of the G5, I believe it is because the packed the sensor too dense (added more resolution in the same size sensor as previous models.) The closer you pack the photosites (the actual things on the sensor that detect/sample light) the more noise you generally get. Also the smaller the photosite, the more noise you get.

I don't know where you heard that the G5 had low noise, but that goes against what I've read.

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I concur with Eric on the G5 about the noise level. All the reviews that I have seen on the G5 is that tends to have more noise.
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In regards to the G5, I did read in a number of places that the ISO ratings are probably a little understated, so that ISO 50 is more like ISO 100, or ISO 400 is more like ISO 800. And, from what I've read, this may account for why the G5 seems noisier. They suggest that for a better comparison you should compare an ISO on the G5 with one twice as fast on another camera...

Not sure exactly how accurate that is, but I did see it mentioned in more than one or two places.
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