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I've had a Dimage 7hi for about a year and it seems like good pictures are as irratic as the flip of a coin. I've tried to figure out what I'm doing wrong since this is my first venture into a serious digital camera. Has anyone else had quality problems. Could it be the protective lenses on the camera. I'm so frustrated I'm ready to by another camera, but I've sunk a grand into the DiMage and hate the thought of giving up on it.
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First of all, the text color you chose is not readable using the default "board theme". If you go to"My Account", "Preferences", and change your "Board Theme" to default, you'll see what I mean. I had to highlight your text to read it.

I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations. You may want to make sure that your camera is upgraded to the latest firmware version.Improvements to camera functionality have been made since the original firmware. Go to this link, select your camera model, then select "software". You'll see links to download upgrades tothe DiMAGE Viewer software, and the firmwarefor the camera.


You will also see many tips on getting the best use out of your camera in this FAQ for new DiMAGE A1 and A2 owners. Your camera is an earlier model, but many of the same tips apply to it also. Actually, a lot of the information in the tips, applies to just about any digital camera.:-)


NO Digital Camera is going to take perfect photos in all conditions, without some user input. So, it may just be a matter of learning when to use some of the other modes on your camera (larger aperture for faster shutter speeds in some conditions, EV Compensation when you have backlit subjects, how to use ISO Speed to change camera behavior in various conditions, etc.).

For any specific problems you're having (why a particular photo came out too dark, why you got motion blur in a particular situation), ask specific questions of forum members. Often, this is just a matter of understanding when you'll need to set something differently, for a given shooting condition.

For example, I see your post description, starting out "unless I'm in bright sun....". So, my guess is that you're probably having some problems indoors. Often this is simply a matter of understanding when you'll need to use a higher ISO speed for faster shutter speeds to prevent motion blur (or a lower ISO speed to reduce noise/grain). This type of problem occurs with just about any digicam. Give specifics on what problems you're having.I'm sure we can help.

You may also want to visit the Konica-Minolta forum here at Steves-Digicams, for camera specific questions. You'll find forum members ready to offer suggestions.


I seethis is your first visit to the forums here. So,Welcome Aboard!

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Hi peteyjames,

Sorry you are underwhelmed with your Minolta 7hi.

For the record, there are forum members here who share superb photos taken with the 7hi.

Even though two years old, it has some great things going for it:

1. No purple fringing

2. 7x optical zoom with excellent glass

3. Raw image capability with 5 mp possibilities

4. Compact flash

5. Uses two AA NIMH batteries (no expensive proprietary batteries).

That said...

I would suggest:

1. Take the "same" photos with an experienced digital photographer.

2. Then switch cameras, and do the same.

3. If at all possible, the other cam should also be a 7hi.

If you see great differences betwween your work and the other photographer but no difference in qualitywith photos taken by the other photographer with both cameras, then you know it may be your use of the camera.

On the other hand, if the photos by other photographer show a great difference in quality between the two cameras, then your 7hi may need service and/or upgrade as the other forum member noted.

If it does need expensive repair, you may want to just purchase another 7hi on Ebay.

Good luck
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You have to figure out in what instances you are getting good photos, and what instances you are getting bad photos, what mode the camera was in, and what settings were used to take the picture (if an automatic mode, look at the Exif info in the picture).

Anyone can take a bad picture, but it takes practice and learning from mistakes to take good picture after good picture.
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