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This helps alot. Thanks a bunch.
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Does that flash (Metz 34CS2) take an external battery pack? A poked around on the metz web page, and it seemed to say that it doesn't (it only had the "Lithium-Battery" option checked in the power source section) but at the same time it listed a recycle time for "power pack". So I don't really get it.

I bet you've already investigated this option, but it came to mind, so I thought I'd ask.

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Nope, that's one Metz that doesn't...the only plug on the device is a headphone-type jack and that's for the included PC (Pin-Circle) connector which connects to the older style flash connector. Actually I found a cheap source for CR2 batteries that the flash uses, I can get a pair from them cheaper than it costs for one elsewhere...I have three pairs now and that will last me a very long time (probably years), and since they are lithium they have a long shelflife (the latest batteries have a best before date of Jan 2012).
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Default Re safety of flash for babiesH

Hi - I just found this site when I was doing a search to find out more abt safety of camera flashes and babies. I have a daughter who will be one year old next week. When she was first born I remember something being said to us at the hospital (Columbia-Pres in NYC) that when we would take still pictures to not basically flash right in her face, but I'm not sure why.

I just bought a Canon PowerShot SD960 IS on recommendation of salesperson at Best Buy and I was a bit alarmed at reading in the user's manual that using a flash closer than 39 inches from a person could damage eyesight! (Page 9 safety precautions).

That really scares me and I'm thinking back whether any of my friends took pictures within 3 feet of my baby (I'm sure they did) in the last year. Is it possible Canon cameras are less safe in this regard than others? I have only so far owned a Canon Optura 40 video camera and used discardible point and shoots and my cell phone camera - my previous experience was with the old 35mm type cameras.

I may try to contact Canon and ask them about this. If this is a true danger, why aren't there large warnings on all equipment and why is this not generally known? Maybe I'll consult my optometrist. Maybe there's an opthalmologist organization with an opinion on this.
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My guess is that statement was prompted by their legal department more than by any scientific evidence. Which there is none.

the light from a flash is rather diffuse and very brief and poses no harm to optic system of a human. it would take an extremely long duration dose of a concentrated light to pose any risk.

so you can stop worrying.
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Flash cannot harm your child's eyes.

In fact I'm amazed to hear that they react badly to flash. I certainly have never had any baby cry and I use flash a lot. They sometimes blink and look startled, but that's it.

Parents sometimes react badly to flash, but babies and kids really don't seem to mind in my experience.
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Mine (7 and 3) have not had an issue with a flash. My 3 yr old son had his first flash from us the day after he was born and was more bothered by the blanket than the flash. and believe me, my wife is a terror on taking lots of flash pictures with her Panasonic!
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Yep. I've been taking flash photos of my son and various nieces/nephews and other babies/children for the last 3-4 years with no issues whatsoever.

As mentioned, it can be startling if they're not used to it but it won't cause any harm. After the first few times your child won't be startled anymore.

Don't sweat it.
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