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Just some ideas that are not related to digital, but are related to photography in general.

I frequently go on Saturday garage sale hunts. I have been doing this for years. I tend to look particularly for photographic equipment. It always amazes me at what you will find hidden amongst the material detritus of accumulated years.

I found an almost complete set of Spectral Star filters for $10, 15 years ago. These filters fit cokin systems, and work about the same.

Most of my darkroom equipment has been found at one time or another, at garage sales. For instance, I recentlycame across an Omega D2 enlarger (with accessories)with drum print dryer for $100. Likewise, I bought a Honeywell Nikor 6x7 with both b&W and dichroic head for $50 a few years ago. Not to mention the several Gralab timers, and various other darkroom stuff to be had.With the advent of digital, people are giving away their darkroom stuff en mass. Their loss...my gain I guess. It doesn't stop me from feeling a little sad though.

About 6 years ago, I came across a Gossen Luna6F for a princely sum of $8. This was part of her recently deceased husbands camera gear. I told her it was worth far more, but she would not accept it. So I bought it for $8 dollars, and felt dirty doing it.

I just bought a Nikon EM for $5 today. I guess this is the reason why I am posting, as this has got me to wondering. Not only did I get an almost new body, but a Nikon 50 and 28mm E series lens with this. I assumed it was stolen as who in their right mind would sell a Nikon for $5, and asked some questions of the 30ish women who was tending the sale. She stated that it was her mothers camera, and that since they bought a digital camera, her old 35mm was collecting dust for a couple of years. Eventually, they just wanted to get ride of it. I asked to talk to her mother, and true enough, the story was corroborated. Once again, I told her it was worth more, and once again...she only wanted $5 for it. What puzzled me however, was that there were countless people who had passed up such a good find. The sale was going on for several hours and still, the cameralaid there...unwanted until I came around.

Has digital taken over so absolute that many people do not want to shoot film anymore, or have anything to do with film processing?

I love digital, and have done so from its inception. However, I guess I am still a traditionalist at heart.

I also just realized I have become a camera collector. Guess the moral of this disjointed scattering of thoughts is this....do not overlook the garage sale if your looking for photographic equipment, as many people place no value on what they already have.

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Or photographic fairs...if you live near Toronto (Woodbridge), there's one coming up Sunday Oct. 17:


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