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There are other differences than just putting the baffler on and selecting LCD. For instance, with a LCD you don't use PreCal, nor should you use the Precision mode. But otherwise, I'm guessing they're pretty close to one another.

Ferdinand, I would place more faith in the calibrated monitor than the factory profiles provided by Canon. I also have a Canon printer, but I use Red River papers and the profiles provided by them. The end result is that they're pretty close....close enough for my use, anyway! If I were a control freak or printing for profit, I would profile my printer everytime I changed ink....but that's another story
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Thanks Henry, I guess I am just a newbie getting my feet wet and needing a bit of a hand holding and some guidance.

I went through the December, 2002 Optical manual again and it seems that the Native setting is only for LCDs. CRTs are either 6500K if you are using Adobe 1998 or sRGB colourspace and 5000K if you are using CMYK and ColorMatch colourspace.

So I am going to stick to 6500K and gamma 2.2.

So what is left to decide is whether I should do standard calibration or precision with a target Luminance of 0.3 for black and 90 for white and see which suits my tastes better, which in it is odd, I mean if there is a colour standard out there shouldn't I not have to decide :P between standard or precision?

And now on the subject of printer and paper, I found that canon paper are made to react chemically to canon ink, I have tried 3rd party paper and what usually I end up with is the ink started to puddle on the paper. And it doesnt dry well at all. Hence these days I am either using Canon Paper Pro or Paper Plus Glossy, the top 1 and 2 paper from Canon.

Once again, thank you for taking time off to answer my questions, I am sure you have probably answer them so many time on this and/or other forums

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Just so you know, profiling and color management is not an easy thing. I think it should be easier than it is, but I probably say that out of ignorance.

A good forum that is dedicated to color management can be found here:

It might help.

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