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Good afternoon,

I wonder if anyone can help with the light output on mymonitor.

I've got the light level button upmax, but people are posting pix on these forumsand describing details that I just can't see.

I can't afford a new monitor, and I imagine 2nd hand ones may well suffer the same defects as my own. (Mine is abasic Hansol one, accompanying a Pentium II processor....)

I suspect there is zilch that can be done, but thought I'd ask just in case.


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Well... the problem could be your contrast or gamma settings, versus brightness.

Most monitors give you control over color temperature, brightness and contrast, and you may find gamma, etc., under your Windows Display properties.

Try right clicking on an open area of your desktop, then select Properties,Settings, Advanced and see if you see some options for adjusting your graphics card output.

There are also third party software tools that you can use to adjust Gamma (and some are free). See these links for more info:



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I've looked at some of the info/links you gave me, and they look fantastically useful!

I will do my homework, and then have a go at improving my screen.

Many many thanks for your help.



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If you can remove the cover from the monitor, there should be a brightness control somewhere on the circuit board. Try tweaking this control slightly (with power off). If display is dimmer, you obviously went the wrong way. Once you figure out which way to tweak it, only increase is slightly, Too much can result in a degraded display (blurry, etc.) or worse, damage to the monitor.

WARNING!! Be very careful what you touch inside the monitor case. Even with the power off, there can be extremely high voltages present. Also the neck of the CRT is extremely fragile and can break with a resulting implosion.

Do this at your own risk as it will void the warranty, if still in effect.

Cal Rasmussen
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Canna, If you have photoshop it should have come with the adobe gamma utility.

Does the same kind of stuff as utilities JimC mentioned.
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