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deziner Jun 8, 2005 10:46 AM

I just bought a 5060 and need to photograph the outside view of a restaurant. Iam mocking up the interior in my warehouse and simulating the view looking out of the resaurant on the back wall as if you were looking out through the windows. I don't actually need to have the "glass" in the picture.The restaurant has mullions between the windows every 4 feet and I will build them on the warehouse wall.

My plan is to go to the restaurant and stand close to the window on the outside and shoot the scene. I am going to take a shot from every section of the windows between the mullions and then strip them together in Photoshop. The overall image needs to be 16 feet high and 40 feet wide. I will print out (10) 16 feet tallx 4 feet wide "banners" on 48# matte finish paper. I will then basically wallpaper all of the strips on the warehouse wall to make the full image.

I know the pixels will be rather large. This is for a one day meeting and the quality doesn't need to be perfect. It will only be used to simulate the ambiance of the restaurant.

What is the best setting to use on the 5060 to give me the best results? Thanks for any help.


Steven R Jun 8, 2005 9:26 PM

Wow! Quite an undertaking! Not sure the best approach, you probably know the obvious: shoot at the lowest ISO, and under bright lighting conditions. Use a tripod, and at least a mid f/stop. Also use the camera's highest resolution setting (2592 x 1944 using RAW or TIFF.)

Good luck in your project!!

deziner Jun 9, 2005 7:05 AM

Thanks for the advise Steve. Will do.


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