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Default Olympus C-5050 Zoom vs. ???????

I have been trying to compare the C-5050Z to the Sony DFC-F717 and the new DFC-V1, for my use. Many of my photos will be taken inside under normal "house light" and school stage conditions, beyond flash range. I note that the Oly at f 1.8 should gather more light than the Sony’s w/smaller lenses, but the Sony’s go to ISO 800 vs. ISO 400 for the Oly. I want to buy the best digicam in this price range, which will me truest color and focus. I do like the idea of Oly's use of CF/SM and xD picture cards as well as AA batteries. I don't need big telephoto lens. All suggestions welcome.
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I don't know about the Sony, but I do know the Olympus has a focus assist light that helps it focus in low (read indoor) lighting...in many cases standard indoor lighting is enough to impair focusing. Suggest you ask in the Sony forum what it has for low-light focusing, and don't believe it if someone says it doesn't need it.

You can read up about focusing at:
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Thank you for the focus link. Could you tell me more about the Olympus 5050Z focus assist light? Does the focus assist light have any effect out beyond the max 15' range of the flash? I have wondered why most camcorders seem to perform just fine under low indoor light conditions, while most digicams don't seem to be able to capture a photo under the same lighting conditions. (Is my ignorance showing?) I do have a limited budget and want to get the right digicam the first time.

Appreciate you taking the time to help!
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