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joeest Jul 20, 2004 1:27 PM

I purchased an Olympus C-5060 in December 2003. It was subsequently stolen last week. I am looking to replace this camera - would it pay to upgrade to an 8080?

I am an amatuer - very low level amatuer - and I never did learn the ins and outs of the 5060. It did seem to take a pretty nice picture and I was only printing things off on 4x6 or at best 6x9.

Should I be looking at another brand altogether that is a little easier to use that takes a real nice picture that maybe doesn't have so many features?

Money is not a huge object but am I overpaying for features that I may never use?

Any advice is greatly appreciated - Thank you

JimC Jul 20, 2004 1:49 PM

I see that this is your first post here. So, welcome to the forum!

BTW, you may want to know that the text color you chose is not readable using the default "Board Theme". I had to highlight your post to read it.

If you go to "My Account", "Preferences" and change "Board Theme" to default, you'll see what I mean.

For the print sizes you want, there is no need for an 8 Megapixel Model. In fact, I don't think that anyone would be able to see any difference in the quality of prints from a 3 Megapixel Camera at the print sizes you're using -- much less 5 or 8 Megapixels.

More Pixels is needed for very large print sizes. However, at smaller print sizes, you'll find that a less expensive 3 Megapixel Model can do just as well.

Now, if you like to crop your images for composition later, then the extra resolution can come in very handy.

The C-8080 isa nice camera, but it's a larger camera, too (what a lens, huh?). However, for most users, they wouldn't need a camera with it's capabilities.

Since it sounds likeyou didn't really use all of the features of your C-5060, you may want to stick with it (or even consider a less expensive model). However, if a longer focal length (more zoom) is needed, then you may want to look at other choices.

I'd suggest reading the reviews of the models in Steve's "The Best Cameras" list here:

Keep in mind that some of the first portions of the reviews appear to be taken from Manufacturer's Descriptions/Press Releases. So, watch out for "Marketing Hype". :-)

To see how one model compares to another, use the Conclusion Section of the reviews. This is where you'll get an unbiased opinion of a camera's performance (startup speed, focus speed, shot to shot times, flash range, etc.).

You may also want to let users know what you liked, and did not like about your C-5060. Then, you may get a better range of opinions.

BTW,the C-5060 WZ (for wide zoom) has a "wider" wide angle setting than most models (27mm), so keep this in mind when comparing cameras. Most startout at around35-38mm on thewide end. So, this may be a feature that you'd miss in some other models. The C-8080 WZ is also "wider" on the wide angle end than most -- starting out at 28mm eqivalent focal length. It's a little "longer" on the long end compared to your C-5060 WZ, too (the C-8080 zooms out to a longer 140mm equivalent focal length).

joeest Jul 20, 2004 3:03 PM

:cool: Thank you for your help. It confirms what a neighbor told me regarding the megapixels. This seems to be an area where us beginners just assume the bigger the better. I agree that zoom is an area that would come in handy. Probably will repurchase the 5060 and find some time to learn about the features and use some of the advanced features. Thanks again!

JimC Jul 20, 2004 3:33 PM

No Problem. Make sure to come back and visit if you have any questions about learning to use some of it's features (or about Digital Photography in General). You'll find forum members here ready to help. 8)

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