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I know, I know....I dont want a bigger camera either. I went from an A50 to the A80. They are pretty much identical in size. I've even wanted it to be smaller like en Elph more than once. Something that has to carried in a bag is not very appealing.

So there is nothing ~ the same size as the A80 that will be better in the red eye area?

I really like the camera, its just that one thing that has me in a tizzy. I guess it's a trade off I'll have to get used to.
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I posted a related question on the Canon forum. I'm thinking about an S400 due to a review of it and a friends lack of red eye problem with an S100. If you have any input, please take a look here.

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Default I'm evaluating here too... my findings...

I've got the same problem. One daughter has really light blue eyes and gets red eye shots often. I feel like when you correct them with a program, if the red eye is really bad... it turns the eyes to black... often losing any blue color at all.

I'm currently investigating cameras too. This is one of my top concerns along with focusing in low light.

I tried Kodak EasyShar DX4530... returned red-eye in EVERY picture (may have made a mistake... didn't think to check and see if red-eye reduction was on!)

Today I'm trying the Cannon A-80 and the Sony DSC-P10 both with red-eye reduction on. The Cannon still has slight red eye... probably easily corrected with program. The Sony had pictures with no red eye.

I like the color, focus, and batteries of the Cannon. I like the lack of red eyes, 5 megapixel, and pocket-size of the Sony.

It's a shame... I still want it all!
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My A80 exp is worse. I get terrible red eye with anyone unless I am very close to the subject. I have 2 blue eyed girls. The 6 year old exhibits the red eye issue very badly. The 9 year old, not so much.

I took a bunch of shots at a recent function and every single person, brown, blue eyed, young, older, had red eyes. Didn't matter where they were looking or how far away they were. 100% red eye. Not a single shot without a serious problem. If I didn't see that is was enabled and the double flash, I would say it doesn't work at all.

It's killing me because I love the camera otherwise, right down to 4 x AA and CF. Outdoor shots are fantastic.

What to do......
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