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Default Olympus SZ-12 Noisy Auto-Focus


I Just bought a new Olympus SZ-12 and I really like the camera, but it makes a strange noise when I push the shutter release to use auto-focus. The noise is best described as a buzzing/static type of sound. I've owned several digicams in the past, including a Olympus SP-810UZ (which also has dual image stabilization), and none of them have made noise like this when focusing. The noise continues even after the green box appears, and the double beep notifying that it has focused, until the shutter release is pushed.

This might be normal for this camera, but I have not seen anything about it in the several reviews that I have read. I am trying to decide if I should send the camera back, but it seems to work perfectly, and I really like it. I also have a Olympus Pen E-pl1, but I wanted this camera because it has 24X zoom, and fits in a pocket.

Any input would be appreciated.
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Are you getting a low battery indication either before or just after this occurs? My guess is that it is either a problem with the battery or with the camera power supply. Since it is that new, you should return it for replacement.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply.

This has been happening since the first time I powered on the camera, with a full charge.

After some more playing around, I've found when I turn off the image stabilization the noise goes away completely. I still don't know if that'a a good thing or not. I suppose I can leave the image stabilization off except for when I am using a lot of zoom.

I just wish I had a way of knowing if this is normal for this particular model, or if mine has a problem. I found a good deal online for this camera, so returning it would be somewhat of a hassle. For what I want it for, this is by far the best camera I have found, and I've bought (and sold) 3 other cameras in the past year or so. I like it so much, I'm sorry I didn't spend $50 more to get the SZ-31 MR , which was available for $199.
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Default about Olympus sz 12 noise

Hey Oscar, I bought the Olympus SZ 12 yersterday and itīs making the same noise that youīre describing here. I also assume it is the image stabilizer, but I donīt know what to do yet. Did the weird noise bring some issues after a while to the camera? I donīt know why but I think that that noise probably is making the camera to use more battery..? I donīt really know. What did you do? Did you return back the camera for replacement? What if all the SZ 12 have this worrying noise?
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