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Right now I use imageevent.. LOVE it.. But I'd like to see what other sites are out there..

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Pics, videos and quick blog type entries are what I'm after.. I'd prefer not to may much more than 30.00 a year.

Here's what I have now:


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While I don't use them, I've heard very good things about:

I know many who do and are happy with it.

The only bad thing I've heard is that they've occasionally outgrown their capacity, and had connection troubles. I haven't heard complaints about it recently, but it has happened.

I believe you get 300MB for 23 dollars. Not bad.

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Pbase.com gives you a lot of "bang for the buck" (ability to upload multiple images in a single .zip file; customizable album templates; your own forum for each album you create; a guestbook; ability to see small, medium, large or original size images without you needing to create the different sizes; same photos can be in more than one album without taking up more space;compression of images to save space if you want to do that, direct linking to photos, no login required for others to view your photos, etc.).

As Eric mentioned, it's only $23/year for 300mb of storage with unlimited bandwidth to your images (and bandwidth usagecan "backfire" on you if you are usingsome web hosting services and lots of users decide to view your photos). Here is their pricing page:


You can open a free trial account to see if you like it or not (no direct linking , limited to 10MB of space).

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