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I would imagine that current IS cameras use solid state gyros which are very reliable.
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marokero wrote:
If a gyro fails in a stabilized lens, you can still take shots as a non-stabilized one (I think). But if a stabilized sensor breaks off the electric connections due to the countless shaking, then you can't take pictures at all, even if you change lenses. There's a certain redundancy in having the stabilization system outside the camera. Everything will fail at some point...
I bet that's smallest of your worries, amount of CCD movement is small, it's nothing "bending conductor twofold and open".
Also AS is normally kept turned off which spares it.

And for comparison, remember that most of printers have moving printing head with cable going to it... and have you ever heard printer breaking because that cable failed?

Or even more extreme example: Hard drives.
Read/write heads are connected to rest of electronic with cable and amount of movement those heads do is enormous, all that sound what HDs keeps while reading/writing comes from movement of R/W heads.
And these heads can be making thousands of back and forth movements every minute you keep computer on!
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