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Default Are you sure?

Digital zooms, if you use them, can be improved by shooting at smaller file sizes. I wonder how many "photographers" are aware of this? If you try and get a high res photo at 20x-36x it is not likely to look all that good? Digital zooms are also valuable, on occasion, to disabled photographers who do not have good mobility.

My own experience and I have nothing to offer other than that, is not all cameras seem to be equal in the quality of digital zooms produced. My Sony cameras have all done well in this department. Maybe some reviewer could dig into the topic?
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The cropping and resizing we do in PS (for example) is much better than the very rude upscaling a digital camera does.
I've often wondered about this. Some cams like my 602, only produced post processed output. Now you would have thought that zoom scaling in the camera before processing and compression, would have been better than say in most cases when you are working with processed and compressed image files in post editing? After all, up scaling an image with JPEG edge artefacts, isn't going to look very good!

Perhaps the results achieved by cams, some better than others, depend on the stage at which in-cam digital zoom is done? Could somebody with true RAW output on their cam add something: in-cam zoom versus out-of-cam post zoom on 2 RAW image files of the same scene.

Digital zooms, if you use them, can be improved by shooting at smaller file sizes
This puzzles me. Has anybody got any explanation?
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