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Yes she knows more than me,:G

But i would of course also like to learn how to use this camera and its settings, and more about touching up images. I dont even know about white balance lol im reading a few articales about it, tho it dont explain much. Since in Raw mode u have to edit each picture.
I will let her choose what settings are best, but as for me and my time with the camera i have to learn it just like everyone else.

2 feet of snow outside right now so not much to take outside shots on. Indoor shots are hard as hell to get right lol.

4th set of batterys since friday lol but there used, and the hospital uses alkaline and thats what is recomened for this camera.
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Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

I agree with all of the above (Steve's is great that way!)
I just wanted to add that you should do the practice shots at the same time of day. The sun will be different a month later (since it doesn't rise in the same place every day) but it will help you out. You'll want to know where the shadows are (to avoid them) and where the sun will light up nicely.

Definitely practice with someone in dark clothing and someone in light/white clothing. That is one of the hardest shots to get right. Retaining detail in both the black and white is very tricky, so practice it.

The rest, stuff above, I won't repeat.

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One thing I would strongly recommend is that you have at least two 1GB memory cards for the S-9100 that way as one card is bring uploaded to a laptop than she can use the other card to keep shooting. Raw capture is also very slow on my Fuji S-5100 which is worthless in action scenes to me. I usually always shoot in the highest jpeg and set a custom white balance..... However if I was doing the job I would have at least 6GB of memory cards available for that camera cause the hihest jpeg photos will still east up a lot of space and to have to stop and upload and erase a memory card is gonna cut into photo time.

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