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Default PAL and NTSC

Hello world, im going to buy a digital camera online from an american website but currently live in Spain. My question is, is there any compatibility problems given that for TVs and electricity in general we use different systems (TV being PAL and the electricity sockets using 220volts).

I dont think anyonell be able to answer this one but, Im most likely going to buy the Finepix 3800z and ive read it makes a VCD for your dvd player to make like a slideshow since it doesnt have tv out. Does anyone know if thatd work on a PAL dvd player with a PAL TV if i buy the camera from an american source.

Thanks a lot to whoever replies.

Jaime - Spain
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NTSC or PAL. A VCD should work on any DVD player (that can play them) regardless of what standard it is.

I've burned both NTSC and PAL VCDs and they both work on my DVD player.
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Hello world here! Your PAL output (vision) will work in Spain. Any PAL device with an AV output will work on a PAL TV with an AV input. Except if you want to use any tuner loopthru's - in which case sound won't work (Spain is system B/G).

Electric for cams is really down to power supplies and chargers. Most are wide range input from about 90 -250 volts input. Frequency diff. doesn't matter.

HOWEVER, I'm curious? why buy a cam in the States, risk getting an NTSC output you can't use, Warranty problems, and shipping taxes you find out afterwards? Why not go to an EU supplier?
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The main reason for why Im buying the camera from a U.S. retailer is basicaly the price. The s304 here sells for 565 euros and i saw it on some website for 298 dollars so thats basicaly it. I lived there for 6 years so I have a lot of friends and stuff there, Im hopefull i wont have to use them to return, fix, exchange it though.
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