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Steve101 Aug 23, 2006 3:02 PM

I'm currently considering to buy P&S camera. Since I have KM 5D for all my "pro" shots andI need something small for general party use /my wife. Especially for her because when we go somewhere I take pictures with my KM 5D and she gets bored after while....:mad:. So I was reading and reading and nailed down my selection to those 3 P&S camerasPanasonic DMC-FX07, Fuji F30, Canon SD700IS. I know that there is no review on FX07 yet ...but it is available @ B&H so I ordered it for my tests...I also already bought F30 and taking pictures with it...and I'm planning to borrow SD700IS from my friend. I hope that at the end of my testing day I'll be able to keep one of them and return the rest back...:cool:

I understand that every camera has some pros. and cons. I guess we can't have ideal camera yet!

bobbyz Aug 23, 2006 3:29 PM

For inddoor shots, I would take the F30. I have FX01, it is very nice for outdoor shots but flash is weak and high ISO is not good, but I love that 28mm.

Steve101 Aug 23, 2006 3:43 PM

So far F30's indoor shots are very nice...flash range is huge whenit is usedwith ISO AUTO400. I do not let the camera go more than ISO 400...I think the pictures are too "watermarked" at 800 and more...The purple firing is quite noticeable with wide open lens ....and the biggest thing I do not like about F30 is that the LCD has no is like your LCD monitor at home...very susceptible to finger prints (hard to clean) and fragile...

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