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bob1xxx Aug 2, 2011 8:13 PM

panasonic dmc fz40 better pics at 12mp not 14.4?
Ive been noticing a strange phenomenon in the reviews of the fz40 , Fz100 some of the canon super zooms heck even several the pricey dslr's That people are getting better photos by using lower than top pixel count (in the case of Fz40's 14.4) using 12mp, 10mp and on one review I guy swears 7mp is the cameras sweet spot?:confused: LOL? It seems very counter intuitive wouldn't shooting at 12 mp or less on a 14.4 mp sensor mean only a smaller portion of the sensor would be exposed creating a reduced quality image not better ? or on the smaller sensors that cameras like fz40 have produce better pictures at lower pixel counts? Very confused any in site would be welcomed. Bob S

VTphotog Aug 2, 2011 9:44 PM

This depends on how the camera maker does the reduction in pixel count. Most likely, the full sensor is used, and the dimensions are reduced through the camera firmware. Very often, this can result in decreased noise, and a cleaner looking picture. If some sharpening is done to counteract the resizing, the result could very well be a better overall looking picture. We often do the same thing when editing and resizing a shot for posting in a web page.
Not having done the testing on these cameras, of course I am only guessing as to what is going on. I only pose this as a possibility.


bob1xxx Aug 3, 2011 1:30 AM

Ok good to know that could be some bases in fact and there not just all lot of crazy people posting reviews on multiple web sites . And Ive never been a believer in the more mega pixels is better camp my 1st digital camera was the Olympus C 2020z only 2mp it took great clear sharp true color pictures a veteran of many vacations and if it was not for the memory card slot getting dodgy (no usb for download had to take the sd memory card out and use a usb card reader) I still be using it today. Sadly the c2020z replacement the Olympus c 5050 yes in someways it was superior to the c2020 (usb, compact flash, faster) in the area of picture quality yes it was a improvement but not the revolution in picture quality I was looking for and I did not feel I got my $500.00 usd worth value. It wasn't a bad camera it's just the three extra mega pixels (to my non professional amateur eyes) did not do much to increase the quality of the image. I used the c5050 a few years and in honor of 10 day vacation trip to Washington D.C. I finally broke down and got a dslr. The 8.0 mp Cannon Rebel XT because of good reviews, price and fond memories I had of a Cannon A-1 lugged over 9 European trips that got ruin on the last trip when I got caught in thunderstorm downpour in Stonehenge of all places. Again Rebel XT is a great camera and was noticeable improvement image quality over the C5050z . But it had two draw backs. First the images always seem super soft and the colors too vibrant the detail was there it just took way too much work to get the images way I like them (I should have rent a Nikon and spent the extra $$$ my friends said Nikon dslr would be more pleasing to my tastes in photos) And second... its BIG.The Rebel XT , extra lens, flash and camera bag are just too heavy and bulky to carry around every day and to valuable leave in the car trunk so where are there? In my camera box at home. Not so hot. That why I was kind of looking at the Panasonic dmc fz 40. In theory a step up in photo/video quality and flexibility and not to big and bulk or too valuable (can get for under 300.00) were its at home and not with me. Right now my day to day photo needs are cover by 6mp Sony dsc-s600 ( a surprising good take everywhere pocket camera powered by two aa energizer lithium batterys it lives in the center consul of my car) and my Panasonic 9mp dmc Tz5. I just looking for something with improved picture quality with out the bulk and expense of dslr which will get left a home .....hmmmm does such a beast exist?

bob1xxx Aug 7, 2011 11:30 PM

Ok I think Im waiting for fz47
Hmm interesting I stumbled across some information last night that panasonic is releasing sometime this month the new and improved dmc - fz 47 guess what its only got a 12.5 mp sensor:eek:;)LOL!!!! I guess sense alot of their new 16mp point and shoots like the Lumix ZS10 , FH27 and other 14mp cameras are getting trashed with negetive professional reviews and bad user ratings on amazon and photograpy forums their are go back to 12.5 mp. Also this explains the fz 40 online fire sale (average price is 279.00) dumping stock before the new model release. So far the fz47 test photos that have shown up on really look awsome . Hmmm maybe some manufactors are coming to the same conclusion lot of professional camera reviewers and owers came to awhile back..... tiny cdd's cramed with too many ever smaller pixels ....that are (weaker...less effective.. poorer quality...choose your adjective) no matter how good frimware is leads to poorer reduce quality images. A bigger number of pixels does not equal better picture especially with smaller ccd sensors that most point and shoots and the panasonic fz series use. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the blind run toward insaine pixel counts and a more a emphesis on creating higher quality imagers with pixel counts that are truely effective for the imagers size . Hmmm one can only hope. But serious check out the test images fz47 it could be the new king of the hill of the super zoom /bridge cameras well see. ;)

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