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RaymondK Jan 25, 2006 4:54 PM

I have been used to using a Sony Cybershot T1 in which it is possible to get the camera to "print" (superimpose) the date on the photograph. I have just bought a panasonic FZ30 and am still learning all it's functions (only had it 2 days!). I was wondering if there's any way of getting the date to be included in the photograph?? Also, taking advantage of this forum, which I've just joined, if any user knows of any useful tricks or hints for this camera, I would love to hear from you. I also think it would be useful for other users of this camera.

Finally, my best wishes to "Steve" who's web site I rely on for good information - it's not let me down so far!!

Regards to all,

Raymond (London, UK)

Hards80 Jan 25, 2006 11:17 PM

you still DATESTAMP your photos.. tell me it ain't so.. hehe.. just jokin w/ ya..

as you know, the date of the picture taken is stored in the EXIF data on your pictures.. and often times your browsing software will let you sort by this.. so tracking your photos by date is still easy without a datestamp..

i have the lumix lx-1, and i am just going to assume your fz-30 uses a similar menu system.. if you want to datestamp your photos, it appears you must do so when printing.. so if you are using a pictbridge capable printer, in the print setting, it will allow you to "print with date" when you go to print..

that appears to be the only way to datestamp your pictures..

RaymondK Jan 26, 2006 12:29 AM

Hi there Hards80,

Thanks for your info (even though I feel that I've "shown myself up" by wanting this option!!!!).

As it's blantantly obvious, I'm a relative beginner and will now check out what you said about the EXIF data. Even at my age (NOT disclosed here!!), I still have things to learn!

Best wishes,


vwmom Jan 26, 2006 1:16 AM

The only time I can 'datestamp' wth my camera is on postcard.. At first, this turned me off about my S2.. but any good photos, I find myself edit them out anyway...

What I do, is after uploading from my camera is to rename files as per date/ time taken.. I have a program with my camera that will give me the option. When I print my photos (online printing service), the file number (and date in this regards) is printed onto the back of the photo. You can also check out the photo data as mentioned above (EXIF) which will also tell you the date it was taken.

RaymondK Feb 27, 2006 1:05 PM

Hi there - again!

Just for the record, if one uses Windows XP, you can "right-click" on any picture, select "Properties", select the "Summary" tab and then "Advanced" which is at the bottom of that dialog screen and, guess what - the EXIF data is shown!!!

No more printing dates on my pictures!!

Thanks for your suggestions and observations too.



Baskerville Feb 28, 2006 2:35 AM



Can the Panasonic be used to shoot B/White, or is that another silly question, it may be obvious but not to me,


Baskerville in Lancashire UK.

RaymondK Feb 28, 2006 4:29 AM

Hi Baskerville,

In a short answer, YES the FZ30 can take b/w pictures. Just follow these steps:

1). Select dial to "P".

2). Use the front dial to go topage "3/3" of the options.

3). Using the down arrow key, select "COL.EFFECT" and then press the right arrow key to show the options.

4). You'll find "B/W" there - it's that easy!

Hope this helps - I'm still learning all the options about the camera anyway - maybe it'll be my turn next to post a question like yours!

Best regards,


RaymondK Feb 28, 2006 4:33 AM

Hi there again Baskerville,

Forgot to add "Press the Menu botton and then......." at the beginning of step 2.

Sorry for any confusion!



PS: Even if you do shoot in colour, most editting packages (I have Paintshop Pro and Microsoft Digital Image 2006) convert colour to B/W very easily. My copy of Digital Image cost me less than £40 (at PC World) and, although the experts might say that it's restricted, for me, being an "amateur photographer", so far it's done all I've asked from it - that's it - end of advert!!! :G

airedaleman Feb 28, 2006 4:57 AM

RaymondK wrote:

Hi there - again!

Just for the record, if one uses Windows XP, you can "right-click" on any picture, select "Properties", select the "Summary" tab and then "Advanced" which is at the bottom of that dialog screen and, guess what - the EXIF data is shown!!!

Hi RaymondK If you wish to see a more detailed version of the EXIF data for your photos you can use EXIFER. It's available as a free download from this address It works for me anyway with a Canon S2IS The EXIF data shown using the method you describe above often falls short of what is actually available.


RaymondK Feb 28, 2006 5:06 AM

Thanks Roger for that information. I'm off to work here now but will check it out when I'm back tonight.

Best regards,


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