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JimK Sep 28, 2005 9:59 PM

I have a 3.5 yr. old Vivitar 3665. It recently was dropped (?) and the little door that covers the memory card slot broke. I tried contacting Vivitar. Their web site is very unfriendly and I got nothing. I called two local repair shops and they both said they dropped Vivitar because the company was so difficult to work with. So, how do I find a replacementmemory slot coverfor my camera?

JimC Sep 28, 2005 10:21 PM

Well, you might try calling them and see if they sell the part separately.

But, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Vivitar may not even make the camera (it's more likely OEM'd by someone that is rebranding it for more than one manufacturer).

So, I don't know if they actually have parts for it or not. Usually, if a product like this is out of warranty, it will cost you more to fix it than it's worth (most manufacturers tend to charge close to $200 to fix *anything* wrong with one, sometimes offering to give you a newer refurbished model for about the same price as fixing it costs), and 3 year old entry level digital cameras don't hold their value very well.

Because technology changes so rapidly, it's not uncommon for some manufacturers not to keep parts in stock for a less expensive digital camera that's several years old, too (in part, because the labor to fix them is more than they're worth and users wouldn't want to spend that much). For a very inexpensive camera, they may not even fix them at all (even under warranty). They may have a policy of just replacing it with a "refurbished" camera (usually cameras that were returned by customers for various reasons but still work OK). I don't know what category this one would fall into (but I suspect that Vivitar probably doesn't really fix much on them).

If you could find a used one somewhere (even if it is broken), that would be an option. I checked Ebay and I didn't see any. But, I wouldn't expect one (even working in mint condition) to be worth too much. 3 years is a long time in the Digital Camera world for a 2 Megapixel model from a manufacturer that's not very popular for their Digital Cameras.

Are you sure that's the only thing wrong with it (card door)? If you dropped it, it may have some other problems, too (lens mechanism damage, cracked circuit board, etc.), and I can virtually guarantee you that a problem like that would cost you a lot more to have it fixed (even if you can find someone that has the parts) than it's worth on the used market (and Vivitar is not a very popular brand of Digital Camera to begin with).

I mean no disrepect (and it may be a nice little camera). But, Vivitar is not known for their Digital Cameras (and I doubt they even make the ones that they market using the Vivitar brand name).

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