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Default The PayPal Strangle Hold?

I know this is off topic but so many use PayPal for buying and selling photography items that I think it is important. PayPal is great if it works? I have never been that lucky? I have moved, changed addresses and pass words along with credit cards and all PayPal has been able to do is create TWO accounts neither of which are usable nor can they be changed. Now the amazing thing is that I am to fax them a photo ID? I have no idea what it will mean as unless they have people going about to take our picture, what will they do with it?

What all of it means, is unless you have a PayPal account you are limited and in some cases prevented from doing business.

Maybe, it is a good thing?
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I have never used paypal, and I never plan on doing so. Will this make my life harder? It hasn't yet, but I expect it will eventually.

Yes, it works for many people (millions, I'm sure.) But I've seen one too many report about how they treat customersbadly, freeze accounts and how they (in the past, they haven't done it recently) taken advantage of their position of power to raise their rates across the board... making life harder for the little guy who has trouble swallowing a higher transation fee.

In the past, they have not acted in a way I am willing to support.

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Default You are Right

Recently I wanted to make a purchase from GB on an item shown on this site. My options were use PayPal or send cash via the mail. No checks of any kind. Free Trade huh!
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Whatever you do, don't give them your bank account information. I have heard more than once about them wanting bank acount information for verification, and then they go and charge it to your bank acount instead of your credit card like they are suposed to. A few out there have lost a pretty decent amount of money because a checking acount does not have the fraud protection that a credit card does. It almost seems that paypay (owned by ebay) is in league with some of these dishonest sellers. Or perhaps it is more a case of them only caring about the money the sellers pay them. It is a lot easier to reverse a credit card charge than to dispute a checking acount charge.
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