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In a test of 693MB of TIFF images on a CD, the times required to view all thumbnails on the CD were 11 minutes for my desktop DVD drive, 8 minutes for my desktop CD drive, and 4 minutes for my laptop CD drive.

The desktop times seem very slow to me, but sales people have been no help in determining whether the drives are the problem or something else in the desktop. It has 384MB RAM, while the laptop has 512MB RAM.

I want to solve this problem with the desktop, but I don't know what I need. Any help will be appreciated. I am concerned because I want to buy a DVD Writer and am worried about the retrieval time from a DVD.

Thank you,


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I think you need to check the read speed ratings of all three drives. You may find that one is 10x, another is 50x, and the third is 24x (for example). No amount of additional RAM is going to make that 10x drive go as fast as the 50x drive.

Also, DVDs are quite a bit slower than CDs.

Cal Rasmussen.
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There are really too many unknowns to say for sure why there is so much difference between the speeds using different drives and computers.

If everything else is equal between the machines (processor speed, cpu speed, bus speed, software, etc.), then the difference in drive speed is the most likely culprit as Cal says (especially with the two drives on the same PC).

You really need to look at the drive specs, since there can be a big difference between them.

As for DVD Drives, they tend to be much faster than CD drives now if you're writing to DVD type media. 16x read and write speeds are common with some DVD media types. Keep in mind that the speed ratings are different for DVD versus CD media:

1x CD speed = 150 KB/sec.
1x DVD speed = 1350 KB/sec
Therefore, an 8x DVD recording speed is equivalent to a ~72xCD recording speed, in terms of data transfer rate (and even faster, 16x DVD drives are common now).

Most DVD drives are also rated byCD read speeds (which are most likelyslower than their speed to DVD media with newer drives). So, if you're reading thumbnails from a CD versus DVD, check your drive specsfor the media type being used.

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