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masouder Dec 2, 2003 10:17 AM

Pentax Optio 555 or Olympus C-750?
I am considering the two cameras listed above. I want to try to maximize the megapixels and zoom without breaking the bank. The Pentax offers more megapixels (5 versus 4 for the Olympus) but the Olympus offers a higher zoom (10x versus 5x for the Pentax).

I plan to take standard pictures with some very close shots. Regarding megapixels, I would produce mosly 4 x 6 pictures. Regarding zoom needs, I would want to get some close-up shots at kids soccer and baseball games.

Given these needs, I don't know how high I need to go on the megapixels and on the zoom.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

gibsonpd3620 Dec 2, 2003 11:12 AM

You will not see any quality issues between a 5mp and 4mp camera with your printing preferences. The Olympus 750 produces excellent pics and you will love the long zoom. I have not used the Pentax camea. You will notice that beyond 6X zoom that you will need a steady hand or tripod (monopod) or pictures will blurr. This will be less an issue for outdoor pics.

slipe Dec 2, 2003 11:33 AM

If camera size isnít a factor the Oly would probably suit your needs better. The 10X zoom will likely give better sports shots in good light.

Handle the cameras in a store. If you think the compact size of the 555 might cause you to take it more places it might be a better choice. The best camera in the world sitting at home when you need it isnít much good to you. I have a little Oly C50 that is almost exactly the size of the 555 and carry it everywhere in a tiny belt pouch. If the 550/555 had been available when I bought the C50 I would have opted for either of those instead. But I have a big camera that is more capable for when I specifically want to shoot photos. Even though I much prefer shooting with the larger camera I get more pictures with the little one.

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