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My newly purchased camera (F828 ) is eating up the media hard drive on my computer pretty quickly. At the rate I'm going, I'll need a 200 gig drive just to store my photos.
I'm tempted to start burning copies to CD but I've heard a lot of horror stories of discs deteriorating after a couple of years. On the other hand hard drives fail, sometimes without warning. DVD is another option, but I'm afraid of the deterioration issues with this as well.
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Many people make two, maybe three copies at a time on different branded media. Then keep them as lightfast as possible and in separate locations just to be on the safe side ( in case of accident, fire, theft etc).Some also keep their precious pics on a separate HDD as well as the cd's. Dvd would of course be best for capacity and with the relatively cheap costs nowadays two or three copies of eachwould not break the bank. I believe that some people would then make fresh copies in a couple of years or so to avoid the problem with degradation of the media. I have not been at this (digital photography) long enough to have encountered any problems yet, but i do keep two copies on disk and also stored on two computers i have.

Hope this is of some help.

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CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are based on photo-sensitive dye and apparently some of them have lost readability in as little as 2 years. (Don't they advertise 80 years or so?)

I read that CD-RWs and DVD-RWs are based on a metal and are far more permanent.

I am still using DVD-Rs now but plan to switch to RW. I back up RAW files and JPGs separately - two copies each, and store them in a cool dark place.



I did some more research, it seems that much of the negative press about disk durability stems from a US News and World Report article which grossly distorted some technical data. Just Google for cd archive durability or something like that. There's a lot of articles and most of the news is good. You will need to update the format of your archives before the media becomes unreadable anyway.

IOW even if a CD lasted 50 years, where will you find a CD ROM 50 years from now? In a museum?
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Kynetx wrote:
...eating up the media hard drive on my computer pretty quickly...I'll need a 200 gig drive just to store my photos.
Are you by any chance storing raw or tiff files? Medium quality jpegs at one-tenth or one-twentieth of the size will be more than enough for everyone but obsessive perfectionists. Save your little gems as tiffs by all means, but don't go over the top and save the lot!

Back up to CD-R as well (nice & cheap), but bear in mind that you'll have to transfer the lot to each new medium every decade or so, when the previous medium looks like disappearing.(VHS tape looks very shaky right now for home video, and I have many hundreds of Video8 and VHS tapes, which still play just fine, but machines are getting rare).

Now that very cheap photographic prints are available from digicams, it's likely that the surviving bits of our archivesfor our grandchildren will be those prints, so why not get everything photoprinted as well if archiving worries you?They may well fade, but they'll bebetter than nothing. For archival permanence you'll have to make sepia (sulphide)-toned monochrome prints which *will* last well.

Good luck!
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