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I am looking for a so-called "Photo Bank", or Portable HD for photos.

I am not just looking for an external HD, the HD must be able to store photos directly fromthe memory cards (SD and CF) while on the road (e.g. must still work even when not connected to a computer).

I am looking for a 20 GB storage unit which allow storage of photos on the road from memory cards (SD and CF) and preferably under $100 (or there about).

Online store is prefered. Thanks

I refer to shop at reputable places (or at least well known stores.. some of the unknown places scares me a bit online).
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I know of no units in that price range. You might be able to find an older model that had been replaced and therefor discounted.

ImageTank makes something. Epson does (but its too expensive.)

Steve has, in the past, reviewed a variety of models. Look here:
I don't know how recent these reviews are, but they are a start to find the brands that make such devices. Gotta start somewhere.

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Old Feb 12, 2006, 7:11 AM   #3
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I agree, you probably will not find much (anything) for $100 or less, not even a bare bones unit.

I use the Hyperdrive HD80. It runs on 4 AA's, making power problems a thing of the past. You can get a bare unit (no HD) for just under $150, then add your own HD of whatever capacity you want.

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Old Feb 12, 2006, 11:23 AM   #4
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If you have an ipod photo/nano/video you can get a card reader that will connect to the dock connector and transfer photos from your card to the ipod for storage/viewing. I got mine for $10CDN and it works awesome, has slots for all the popular media.

Just thought I'd mention it just in case you have an ipod handy.

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Old Feb 13, 2006, 12:13 PM   #5
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I recently bought a Vosonic VP300 with 40Gb drive for GBP70 which converts to about USD 130. It's a disconcinued model and has quite a short battery life but so far it seems to do the job. Might be worth searching for a US retailer.
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Try this one, just <$100: Smartdisk Photochute 20 GB


It does not come with a built-in memory card reader, but you can bring your own (cost <$15). There is also no internal battery (AC adaptor only).

If you can stretch your budget up to around $150, there is a far better option - you can buy an OTG ("on-the-go") external drive enclosure and buy your own 2.5" HD:


(has internal Lithium battery and memory card reader)

then buy your own 2.5" (laptop) hard drive: eg.


(40 GB for $70 of less)

Installation is easy: unscrew the enclosure cover, plug two plugs into the HD, close it up, all done!

An average "photo bank" (those without an LCD screen) is merely an OTG external HD (drive enclosure + hard drive). Please see my post from some time ago:


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