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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
Billy - since you brought up Internet Brands (the corporation that owns Steve's) - let me ask this: when you speak to photos not being reused - are you referring only to Steve's or to all the 100s of other presences Internet Brands has on the web? Both, to the best of my knowledge.

Are you saying, for example, IB never uses any submitted content as stock images on any of the web sites in their portfolio? Or on any promotional material? Not that I am aware, and I'm the only one with server permissions (other than some devs and sysadmins, and they aren't pulling content from the PotD folders as far as I know).

Are you involved with all their (100s) of websites/presences or just Steve's? For example, do you know if Dave's Garden or Cruisemates uses any of the submitted content as stock art on their web pages? I'm pretty confident that no other IB sites are using any of the submitted PotD content. If they were, it would be in the form of a widget that showed the current PotD for Steve's, with the same photographer information we publish here; and of course a hot link to Steve's. These would also be photos that were selected as daily winners, no other submitted photos are used for anything. This is to the best of my knowledge of course.

After all, it's Internet Brands and not Steve's that is granted perpetual license to all submitted content.
My replies are in bold above.
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thanks for the info Billy!
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