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I just got a new Rebel XT yesterday, so I'm still in the learning process One of the things I want to go is some picture that are black and white with the color effect maybe one color item or person, i believe this is called colorization. Any hints on how to do this I only have the software that came with the camera, photo studio and photo professional.
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Here's a link to a bunch of colorizing tutorials. They were made for Paint Shop Pro, but you might have everything you need in the programs that you have to follow these tutorials. If the information here doesn't transfer to your editors, do a web search for tutorials that use your editing software.

Good luck!

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try this free program.

There is almost nothing easier. Its is still worth learning how to use the editing software, but you cant beat a quickie

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Its almost like the more money you pay for a camera the less work you have to do. You wonder how all these great shots are taken then you find out they all use a $1k camera.

I setup some lights in my room with a white backdrop and i setup a tripod. I used the worst camera then i went to one a little better, by the time i got to the best 5mp camera the shots progressivly got better. Focus, the glare of the lits, the color difference from the surface of the subject its amazing.

Ive decided to sell all my cameras and just get one good one.
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You might be interested in the GIMP

Don't worry, no rubber balls / leather straps are involved

The GIMP stands for Gnu Image manipulation program - it essentially free software & will run on Windows, Mac os X, & Linux. You can download it at the link below & also find vidoe tutorials to watch


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