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The only photo magazine that I've consistently found interesting is Outdoor Photography, and mainly because I like the pictures. I do find an occasional article in just about any of the magazines, but more often than not find them more "fluff" than anything else. Well, I'll read Photoshop User every issue but that's not something you'd want on a fishing trip - to get the most out of it you need to a computer with Photoshop and Lightroom.

If you don't already have them, check out both Bryan Peterson's books along with those by Scott Kelby (I prefer Peterson's books). My favorite is "Understanding Photography Field Guide" but all (at least the ones I've read) are very useful. If you already have them, I'd just go to the bookstore and pick up any that has something that interests you.
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Being a new convert to Lightroom, I bought Scott Kelbys instruction book on the subject. Unfortunately, I can't or shouldn't take my laptop. I also don't really feel safe taking my DSLR so I will be snapping shots with my waterproof Panasonic
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I like Popular Photography magazine. Have had a subscription for many years. Also, when it was published, before it amalgamated I also liked Modern Photography.

Occasionally I pickup Outdoor Photography or Shutterbug at the newsstand. Both these are fine, but I prefer Popular Photography magazine.

One of the best writers in photography I felt, was Herbert (Bert) Keppler. He passed away a few years ago, but his columns and his photographic views (originally in Modern Photography, later Popular Photography) I enjoyed very much.

Another writer, Jason Schneider, particularly his books on cameras throughout history were excellent , IMO. I believe he wrote three books. He was also an editor with Popular Photography...also possibly, but I'm not sure ... Modern Photography.

I've always felt that there are people who enjoy reading....books, magazines...or either books or magazines....and those who don't. I've always been one who enjoys reading books and magazines, but many of my friends...avid photographers or not.... are not magazine or book readers.

Online stuff like Steve's (which I read and enjoy) are also of value and I enjoy reading.

I find some online websites are full of opinion, that isn't necessarily related to any facts. I also find the climate isn't very positive at these websites and as a result, I usually don't stay with these websites very long.

However Steve's is excellent and has a positive 'climate'. I've learned a lot. I've also found that if I'm having problems (invariably me being confused ) with either my Pentax or Canon equipment ....I can also get quick, accurate answers from other forum members, that set me right with my Pentax/Canon equipment.

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The only magazines I read on regular basis are non photo magazines. I rtend to read firehouse magazine, fire engineering and business week. I used to read Shutterbug until it went to almost all D-SLR and light gear etc. Since I use bridge cameras I started to find all its D-SLR. light gear and lenses to be useless to me. I do read Steve's and shutterbug's on line website almost daily.........

8 Days without the internet or a computer I'd be a.) lost with out my e-mail and b.) lost with no place to upload my photos to (then burn them to discs for storage)

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Yea, but where I'm going, all you phot pros would have a blast with your photography skills. I'll be 500 miles south of San Diego off the Baja coastline. Crystal clear water, abundant sea life including seals, sea lions, whales, great white sharks along with the bounty of fish we are after. Sun rises and sets that will wow you. My problem is I would rather have a rod in my hand vs my camera. Thus, I keep my WP Panasonic in my pocket at the ready.
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