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I'm not really sure where to post this, so Mods please move it if you need to.

With all the talkto photoshop or not to photoshop,I found out something very interesting today.

Our local museum, The Frist Center for the Arts in Nashville, TN, has an exhibit in the history of photography going on right now. There are some fantastic photographs from the early days of photography until present. One shot that was really intriguing was a seascape done by Gustave Le Gray in 1857. Due to the limitations of the equipment at the time he could not expose the sea with out overexposing the sky, and could not properly expose the sky without the sea being to dark. So he made two shots and exposed for each area. He then combined the twonegatives for printing making a very nice photograph.

So I guess one could use the technology of the day over 150 years ago, why not now???

Here is a link to the picture

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Just goes to show you that good ideas are timeless. Better technology just makes it easier to realize the goal.

I'll bet that someone today could do the same thing -- including taking the pictures -- with a digital image in a few hours (depending on how far you lived from the subject body of water) vs. the (perhaps) several days that it might have taken La Gray to get it right.

I think that La Gray's feeling of accomplishment (and the accolades of his peers) might have been a few orders of magnitude over that experienced by your average pixel cowboy doing the same thing today, though. So, :blah: on us!

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Hey, Ansel Adams was really into "dodging and burning".
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