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I am entering a local photography content where my photo needs to be mounted on black cardboard. Now I know my local newsagency sells black cardboard that lots of school-children use for homework, would this be suitable or is there something specific used for displaying photos?

Also, can anyone suggest a good way to actually attach the photo to the cardboard? I dont like the idea of glueing the photo down, I was thinking of a staple over ( but not through ) each corner but as the photo is not normal dimensions ( a lot wider than longer ) I dont know if that will work..

Any advice would be appreciated!

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There are some professional grade black cardboard backingsthat is used for such a purpose. You can usually get some at a framing store. Ask them and they should be able to procure you some. It is fairly thick and looks like matting. If budget is a consideration...you might be able to get away with black construction paper (not at stiff and much thinner).

Now to frame your photo....there are clear plastic corners that you can buy that will do the job nicely. You will find these at a framing store, or even at a photofinishing shop. These have a sticky backing, with a pocket that you slide your photo's corner into.

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Some photo contests are very strict on mounting proceedure, and will even reduce points if there's a poorly cut edge, or if the picture is not mounted securely to the background.

At one competition my camera club had last year, about a sixth of the entries were severely critized for the way the pictures were mounted, colours chosen, rough cuts, etc. Of course, it should be the picture that counts, but some judges are picky like that.
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Thanks both of you - I've got a better idea of what to do now

This competition is very very casual from what I've seen and I don't think they're likely to make a big deal about any slight errors, but I'll make sure anyway..

Thanks again,
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3M makes photo/document tape. Its double sided and easy to remove.
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