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Hi all,

I read with interest as i have just taken my first moon shot with my S2, Now I have no place nor expertise to say what should be set to what but I set my camera in AV mode at f/5.6 and set the metering as spot (anything else just came out as a blob - that's a Scottish technical term you know .. lol). Obviously let the camera set the shutter and I left the safety shift on. I took various shots with different Av settings but all came out much the same. Oh yea I'm obviously at full tele 72mm (432mm , 35mm equivalent.) and using an old shoogly tripod. I took this an hour ago and all i've done is a 100% crop. It's not a great first attempt I have to say but I don't know how much better I'd get from this camera. I'll stay up and grab a few more as the moon moves through and see what I can get. Oh also ISO 100 and WB at auto (just seemed to come out the best at auto).

cheers ........

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I looked at your site nacoya nice pictures! I have a S2 too and i havent got tophotographing the moon yet to see how mine comes outbut ill be sure to post the outcome.

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I found a list of photographic "rules" on the Popular Photography website and this list has a rule called the "moony 11" rule. This guideline suggests using f11 @ 1/ISO as a starting point. Just a thought.

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Hi Nacoya

Your shot is better than you know. The processing is at fault here, not the shot...:lol:

Just make the whole thing darker and then increase the contrast.


Here's another shot with different settings:

800mm, ISO 400, f10, 1/500, shot an hour and a half after dawn - more or less full daylight


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