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sledgehammer Nov 5, 2002 3:17 PM

Picking a new digicam?
I hope to get a new digicam probably in 6 months or so to replace my Casio QV2900UX. The Casio does a lot of what I need, but there are a few things I find lacking. For those who don't know anything about it: 2.1Mp, 8x optical, 4x digital, 16 sec. no audio MJPEG AVIs, CompactFlash slot, USB and RCA (I think?) connections... I don't necessarily want to sell it because of the 8x optical (the biggest selling point for me at the time), but 2.1Mp just doesn't seem like enough anymore.

I know there are reviews on this site and lots of opinions from everyone here, but I'm looking for opinions of the best cameras to look at for the criteria I want a new cam to meet:

1) I might consider a 3.3Mp, but I really would prefer 4Mp-5Mp

2) Since my Casio is for distance shots, optical is not a huge deal, but preferably 3x optical or so

3) The two primary uses of the camera will be shots of friends and family, but also of nature & wildlife shots (which is the more important of the 2 for me).

4) Something that I can add a zoom lens onto later if I so choose, along with polarized filters and such...

5) I hate that the really nice cameras are still >$500, but as I don't expect to find one matching my criteria for $200, I'd just prefer it be under say $700.

Lesser, but still somewhat pertinent features:
1) movies up to the size of the card installed (16 sec. is short)
2) 640x480 or so movies would be preferable

gibsonpd3620 Nov 5, 2002 3:21 PM

I recommend the Olympus C4040. It is 4mp, 3x optical zoom, a F1.8 lens for low light shots. It produces great photos and you can add lens or filters by purchasing an adapter tube. The price on the web is around $500. Check or The C5050 has just been released and it is a 5mp camera. The price now is $800 but could be under $700 by the time you buy.

steve6 Nov 6, 2002 1:04 PM

Before spending your hard earned dosh calculate the pixels per inch you get with 2mp vs 3, 4 and 5mp. You'll be surprised how little extra you get.

Sanpete Nov 7, 2002 11:47 PM

6 months in advance is too early to ask about models, because in 6 months many current models will have been discontinued and better new ones will be on the scene. But if you want to look at cameras, try the Fuji S602. It's only 3 MP, but it's peculiar CCD gives it a resolution about equal to most 4 MP cameras. Has 6x zoom, and shoots true VGA video at 30 fps until your memory is full. Will accept microdrives for up to 1 gig memory. About $500 online from reputable dealers.

Olympus C-730 has 10x optical zoom, 3 MP, about $450.

The best all around camera under $400 is the Olympus C-4000, with 3x zoom, 4 MP, excellent image quality.

If you want to stretch your budget, the Minolta 7i has 7x zoom, with a true wide angle to tele lens (28-200 mm equivalent). Very nice camera, with lots of features, but definitely won't be available in 6 months, as it's already got a successor, the 7Hi. 5 MP, about $700.

The Sony 717 might still be around in 6 months. 5 MP, 5x zoom, very high resolution of detail.

Handy list of reviews:

By the way, with the 5 MP cameras, you can extend your zoom by a factor of about 1.6 by cropping to 2 MP, or increase your print size (edgewise) by the same amount at the same resolution you get with 2 MP.

rikster Nov 10, 2002 7:10 PM

look at the dimage 7i you can find they really close to 700.00 just slightly over and it is the prosumer camera of the year.

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