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Hi The notations 100% crop and 50% crop abound on the web sites but I can't find a definition for them. Could you please help?
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100% crop means that the image displayed is only a partial snippet or crop of the image, but displayed at 100% size. 50% crop mens that the image is a crop but displayed at 50% size. Here's an example:

Let's say I took a picture with a resolution of 640x480 pixels (very low resolution these days, but good for an example). And let's say that I wanted to show a particular detail of the picture (like purple fringing on a particular object, or sharpness, or "jaggies" or reflection, or red eye, etc...) but posting the entire image would take too long or be too large to fit in the forum windows. So let's say I wanted to post an image only 64x48 pixels in size (very small, but it's just an example). I could:

1) Post the entire image but resize the image to be 64x48 pixels. That would be posting at 10% size. It fits, but because I'd have to resize so much, people probably wouldn't be able to see the detail of the picture I wanted to point out. It would be just a few pixels in size and unnoticeable. So in the alternative I could

2) delete all of the irrelevant parts of the picture, leaving the 64x68 pixels showing the detail I want people to see. Since I haven't resized the picture, it's at 100%; but because I'm only showinga portion of the picture, it's a crop. Thus, the term "100% crop."

(I could do the same thing but resize by 50% and still crop... thus a "50% crop")

You see 100% and 50% crops not when people want to show a whole picture, or their work or an entire image, but when they want to draw attention to one particular detail in the picture (often used in camera comparisons to show how one camera's detail compares to another).

Hope that answers your question.

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Now I understand the edited pix better. The size of the original doesn't seem to be available unless the original pixels and those in the crop are given. It appears the picture isn't JPEG compressed for the web presentation. Really was confusing, 100% crop sounds like the entire picture was eliminated! Thanks!:idea:
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