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Doug39 Dec 12, 2002 2:10 PM

Picture processing time
In HQ picture mode my ancient Olympus D340-L needs 6 seconds to process a picture before it's ready to accept another press of the shutter button. How much time does your camera require before you can take a subsequent photo? I'm not talking about the rapid speed mode, or whatever it's called, that many cameras have.

I'm seriously considering buying a Minolta Dimage 7i, and I'd appreciate some input from existing owners.



gibsonpd3620 Dec 12, 2002 3:04 PM

I have the Oly C4040. The lag time depends on several factors: fresh set of batteries, flash enable, and preview enable. With no flash, no preview and a fresh set of batteries -- maybe one to two seconds. With Flash enable, fresh batteries, no previews - two to three seconds. With Flash, preview and fresh batteries -- about six to seven seconds. The preview last three to four seconds. Compact flash media cameras can process the picture faster but the real time elements are the flash, batteries and preview mode.

NHL Dec 12, 2002 5:36 PM

At all jpeg resolutions, there's no waiting on all the D7's. The camera will buffer the shots as it writes to the slower flash. In fact if you don't release the shutter button all the way (ie 1/2 press) you can press the shutter again and snap pictures as fast as you can. (You can even fine tune with the Direct Manual Focusing ring between shutter release if you want).

There's probably a limit on the maximum number of shots this way until the camera's buffer is full, but if you move on to the 7Hi, you'll be able to do this even in the raw mode, hence with jpeg you'll probably never see a limit with this camera!

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