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Default Picture Quality

I've been looking at digital cameras for a long time and have been
moving myself up the ladder from small like Canon S400 or S50
to bigger like A70-A80 or Nikon 4300 or Olympus C5000 on up to
Olympus C750 or Nikon 5400. I'm getting so confused. Price isn't
as important as getting good pictures. The manual controls are
not as important as getting good pictures both indoors and outdoors. I'm beginning to believe that all of the cameras are good
for general photography and it doesn't matter. Is this a true statement or am I too confused and need to go back to an old Brownie or something till I figure out what my real wants or needs are.
PS I like all of the mentioned cameras
Small ones to take with all the time. The C750 for long shots and
the Nikon 5400 just feels good in my hand.

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How do some on this forum say? "A good picture is 85 % photographer and 15 % the equipement (cam)"
For me all of your mentioned cams are quite good.
But it also depends on, what you want to photograph.
Generally I'd say you won't do anything wrong by buying one of these cams. There're no big issues I could tell for any of these cams.

But tell us more about what you're going to do with the cam.. ?
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Default Picture Quality

I'm going to use the camera for "General Photo Taking"
Indoor-Outdoor/ Whatever strikes my fancy.

Part of my concern is everything I read runs down most of the cameras being talked about. There will be a few good statements and they drop a bomb on the camera. Sometimes its bad red eye next it will be purple fringes next it will be slow focus and etc. This confuses me because I don't want to send 400-700 and end up with a bad choice.

I know this does not tell you what I want because I guess I'm wanting a magic perfect camera to drop out of the sky.

I'm not a professional just a person wanting good pictures


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It is true that all digital cameras perform with strengths and weaknesses. Most of the weakness in a particular camera can be corrected with software or better photography techniques. The more manual controls that a camera offers allow you more control over you pics. The biggest advanatage of the digital camera is instant feedback, you know how your picture looks. You can decide to retake the pic or delete it.

All of the cameras you listed will take excellent pictues. From your list, I like the Oly 750 for the ultra zoom and the 5400 for 3X to 4X zoom. Go to a local store and test the cameras, shoot pics, and have them printed. One or two of the cameras will have the great feel in your hand. Good luck.
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