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After copying my movies onto the PC from my camcorder using Windows
Movie Maker, I watched the movie in WMM, WinAmp & Windows media Player, & the footage looked quite pixelated and not very sharp..

Will this clear up when I burn onto DVD?

When I captured the footage using WMM, it asked me do I want to capture in 320X200(ish) OR 480x640 resolution.
I selected 320X200(ish). If I did it again using 480x640 will this clear up the quality and sharpness?

When I watch the movie on the camcorder, the quality is top notch, just seems that when transferred onto PC, the quality is lost!

I have transferred onto my PC using USB.I have been told this is why the quality might be poor and if I used firewire to CAPTURE, THE QUALITY WOULD BE BETTER.

Is this true. Would have thought that firewire would just transfer quicker, not improve quality.

Thanks again!
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You should get a lot better quality shooting in 480x640.

But I would have thought thatviewing on the computer should have been at least as good as viewing on the camcorder's viewfinder.

Is Window Movie Maker the only method or the recommended method of transferring the movie to the computer? Maybe there is a problem (any menu selections) there.

There is no inherent quality difference between USB and Firewire. But the supporting software for one link might not be as good as that for the other.

How big was the moviein terms of pixels when you watched it using Windows Media Player andusing Winamp? If not exactly 240x320 you might see added pixellation. I think you can stretch the Windows Media Player window to enlarge the movie but it is trial and error to get it exact.

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