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Default Correction

I said in my previous post that looking at the pairs of pictures, I thought the colour quality from SQ mode was better than from HQ mode, but I could see no difference between the two in detail or sharpness.

I've been looking at them again and now I think that in the best SQ mode, the colour and the sharpness and detail are all better than in HQ mode.
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Detail is an interesting topic. A pic. with lots of resolution often looks 'flat' because there is little contrast on edges. We often perceive 'detail' by the amount of edge contrast and this is what sharpening is doing. It doesn't surprise me that the illusion of sharpness can be got at lower resolution and with sharpening.

However, it's when you enlarge those pics. a lot and stand back that you either like or dislike the edge contouring - which isn't there in the real world!

Look at most peoples TV sets, they set them up with max contrast and colour, colour is supposed to look coloured and not like the real scene. Experiments have been done framing an actual scene alongside a monitor output from a camera. Yes, you can achieve a faithful comparison - but nobody wants this on their home TV. Same with digicams - quality is in the eyes of the beholden! If you like it, go with it.
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