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Hello all,

I'm looking for some help in prioritzing some purchases of photo hardware. I want to set up a small studio to learn more about portraiture and the use of strobes. I also want to upgrade my digital camera. I'm in kind of a catch-22 because I'm not sure what order I should purchase the hardware. I'm not looking to buy it all at once but to figure out what order makes the most sense... i.e. get a set of lights and learn using them with my old camera, then adjust with the new camera, or get the new camera and become totally familar with it then move to the lights. I'm moving from a Minolta Maxxum 7000i and an Olympus c-750. Here are the pieces I would like to purchase any thoughts on what order to make the purchase is appreciated! Thanks for reading this rambling post.

Equipment wanted:

Lights - Something like the Alien Bee's digibees package.
Flash Meter - Sekonic L-358
DSLR - Canon or Nikon (currently with Minolta with only a 50mm left so I have no investment in glass, I'm looking for the best thoughts on long term upgrades) Not biased one way or the other.
Monitor Calibration - Currently looking at the Colorvision SpyderPro.

Thanks again!

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That is a tough choice. What is your final output format? Print or web/CD? If its print, then the monitor calibration choice becomes easier. Are you able to make good/acceptable prints now? Do they look (generally) like your monitor? If so, then you can delay the calibration device. If not, get it early. You'll waste lots of time printing along with the consumables that go with it. Personally, I get really frustrated waiting for a print that turns out bad. Who needs that?

The other choices are harderm, and to some extent out of my area of knowledge. Here is my general feel, but more from mental guesswork than experience.

Lighting is very important to good portrate work, so I would go with that first. I've heard good things about Alien Bee equipment, but know nothing about that model or any model in particular.

If you feel you need the flash meter (some do, some don't) then get the meter as soon to the lights as possible. I say this because you want to get into using it and learning it along with the lights... as least that makes sense to me.:?

Then the DSLR. I favor Canon, as can be seen by my 10D but both companies make good stuff. For long lenses (which I have) Canon was better (for me.) I don't know how both companies do in the area of studio length lenses. I would bet they are basically the same.

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Being a newbie, I have been debating what I need for what I am going to do, while I dont have it all yet, I rather have something to start working with so when I get it all I am skilled with the camera. So I would say the camera and the things you need to make it do what you want it to do is the 1st thing.

Also, are you only going to use it in the studio? If yes then you can buy less stuff for the camera and get other things to set your studio up but if you want to do any field work it would be better to get a fully loaded camera package more memory, tripod, 2 extra batteries, an ext. flash and defusers, fliters, your glass, and most importantly of all a good quality case to keep it all safe.

With all that you can have a make shift studio and still get good pics but your field work would be much better and when you get your studio setup you would be better off IMHO.
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