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Well, it depends. With my K20D, I shoot RAW; I often tweak WB, exposure, contrast; and I may make filtered B&W versions. With my Sony DSC-V1 or -P10 or -P20 P&S's, I typically remove color cast (ie, fix WB), do noise reduction, and tweak sharpness, contrast, saturation. Shooting a Minolta F300 modded for IR, or the Sony V1 in IR (NiightShot) mode and/or with colored filters, the images require much massaging. Many P&S pics are mean for stitch-ups, or animations, or other abuse.

Many images are fodder for the shooping machine. I may add or subtract optical distortion, create abstractions and/or posterizations, apply any of a number of effects filters, etc. It's like improvising jazz on the keyboard. I often don't care much if the finished product looks much like "real life"; I like vivid, garish, jarring, "huh what's THAT?!?!?" kind of pics. Eye-grabbers. Visual jolts. The cameras take the pictures; the warez and I make the pictures. Capture and torture images, yes...

Some are printed. Some are sold. After journeys, I put together sequences of less-tortured pictures for computer or TV slideshows. Some are hidden away. Everything gets saved. I never know when it'll be useful, eh?

But, back to the question -- what gets changed most? WB and contrast and saturation mostly, then orientation and perspective. And cropping. I'm ruthless with cropping. I've seen (and believed) a tagline that goes something like:
Painting is an additive art. A painter applies more paint until the picture emerges. Photography is a subtractive art. A photographer eliminates the unnecessary until only the essence remains.
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