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Default Posting dozens of images for critique. why?

I notice a lot of posts lately where people post 5, 10 or even more images in one post for critique.

Many of these look like random holiday snaps, with no real thought to composition and processing. I understand many people are excited enthustiastic beginners (im not far off that myself) looking for encouragment but should this be encouraged?

I dont see the point of posting 10 not brilliant images as forum readers are bombarded by images in the post and wont be able to focus on one image and help advise with some real constructive criticizm.

Even if the photos are all exceptional, i think more than 2 or 3 photos per post are overkill, and they end up all vying for attention and detracting from eachother.

what are your thoughts?
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There are many reasons members may want to share images with others, and they may not be looking for constructive critique. Unless someone specifically asks for critique, I would not assume they want it if the photos are being posted in subject specific photo forums.

As you may have noticed, we have a separate Photo Critiques Forum setup where members can post a photo and receive suggestions on how to improve it via constructive critique. So, if a photo is posted there, we assume that they want critique.

You'll also find some Photo Critiques Guidelines there (it's a "Sticky" thread you'll see if you look at the threads list in that forum). One of those guidelines is this:

  • Please only post one shot per thread for critique so we can focus in on your work rather than trying to talk about a set of photos. A great way to use these forums is post a set of images in a genre or camera make forum, and choose single photos from this set that you want extra feedback on for sharing in the Photo Critiques forum.

If you see someone posting lots of photos in the same thread in the Photo Critiques Forum, it probably wouldn't hurt to [politely] point out the Photo Critiques Guidelines and suggest that they post only one photo in a thread so they'll get better feedback from other members. Many members don't notice that we have some Sticky Threads like that posted.

Those are guidelines, not strictly enforced rules. But, it probably hurts the members posting if they do post a lot of images in a thread for feedback (since you tend to see more "general" feedback when a lot of photos are posted in a thread, versus specific and more constructive feedback about a single image that tends to be more helpful if the poster is looking for ways to improve).

Now, we don't mind if members want comments and critique on photos posted in other forums, which don't have the same guidelines. But, we ask that they add something like "C&C welcome" to those posts, so that other members know that they don't mind receiving comments and critique outside of the forum setup specifically for that purpose (of course, comments and critique are to be expected if you submit images in the Biweekly Shoot Out Forum, where the hard working moderators have guidelines setup as sticky threads)

But, if members have a specific image that they'd like detailed and constructive feedback on, we encourage them to submit it to the Photo Critiques Forum, too (even they've already shared it with others in the subject specific Photo Forums).
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G'day Jim

agreed - & as my missus says to me all too often ... "isn't one enough for today?"

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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Originally Posted by Ozzie_Traveller View Post
G'day Jim

agreed - & as my missus says to me all too often ... "isn't one enough for today?"

Regards, Phil
You never say no if they ask if you've had enough.
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