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Can someone please explain how to post photos for crtitique by members?

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We ask that you downsize the photos first. Otherwise, they're not going to display properly. I usually make mine somewhere between 640 and 720 pixels wide.

If you don't have software that can resize them, try Irfanview (it's free).

To use it for resizing, simply open an image using File>Open.

Then, use the menu choice you'll fine for Image>Resize/Resample[highlight= rgb(136, 255, 255);]

Click the "Set New Size" box, make the width around 640 to 720 pixels wide, with the "Preserve Aspect Ratio" box checked (so that it keeps the same dimensions of width to height) and click OK.

Then, use the File>Save As menu choice and give it a new name so that you don't overwrite your original. I'd make sure the file type is JPEG, and set the Image Quality slider you'll see to around 84% to make sure it's small enough for posting (images will need to about 240KB or smaller for posting here).

When you're making a post, you'll see a browse button under the entry screen. You can use it to attach your resized image (just point it at the image on your hard disk drive and it will attach to your post).

If you have photos on a web site, and they're publically viewable, you can use the button you'll see when making a post instead of the Browse button.

See this thread for more details:


If you want critique for an image, we have a Critiques and Techniques Forum for that purpose.

Make sure to read the Forum Guidelnes (unique to that forum). We ask that one photo per thread be posted in the Critiques and Techniques Forum (but, it's not strictly enforced). That way, instead of general comments on multiple photos, you're more likely to get specfici comments if you limit it to one photo in the thread. Pros and Cons. :-)

You'll also find a lot of other Forums for Posting Photos if you're not seeking critique for a specific image here:


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